How to Reset Your TSA Lock in 4 Steps

How to Reset Your TSA Lock in 4 Steps

What is a TSA lock?

TSA Lock is a global luggage lock security system developed by the Transportation Security Administration (Abbre. TSA) of the USA. The system allows security authorities to inspect passenger luggage and other shipped packages to ensure safety during transportation.

Why is it so important to have a TSA lock?

If your luggage permits the use of an additional lock, it's crucial to select one that holds TSA approval. This ensures that airport security can safely unlock and inspect your luggage when necessary, verify any required information, and then re-secure the lock without causing any damage. The same principle applies to integrated locks, as they typically carry TSA approval.

Whether you've acquired a new piece of luggage or an external TSA lock, programming it for use at home is typically a straightforward process. Most of Joyway Luggage comes with internal TSA lock to protect your luggage.


What are the steps to change the code of your TSA lock?

There're 4 Steps:

Step #1: Set the combination to 0-0-0 (if the luggage is new) or to its actual combination.

TSA Lock

When you receive luggage equipped with a TSA lock, the initial step is to set the numbers to 0-0-0 or its existing combination to ensure it is prepared for reprogramming.

Step #2: Press the reset button on your TSA lock​.

TSA Lock

Every TSA lock features a concealed reset button tucked inside a small hole at the back or bottom of the lock. Locate a pointed object, such as a paperclip or safety pin, and press the button until you hear the lock release.

Step #3: Set a new combination for your TSA lock​.

TSA Lock reset

TSA Lock reset

ow, it's time to establish a new combination. Choose a number that is easy to remember, and perhaps even make a note of it to avoid forgetting. Adjust the dials to the selected numbers.

Step #4: Snap the padlock​.

TSA lock reset

Once set up the dials to your chosen combination, turn the TSA knob in the direction of the arrow on the padlock window. You will hear a click from the reset button, indicating that your new combination is now established.

While each piece of luggage may have its unique TSA lock model, rest assured that the process for changing the combination remains consistent. You are now prepared for your next journey, confident that your belongings are securely in your hands (and possibly those of airport security)

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